The most beautiful “secret” islands in the world part 1

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Travel for a journey 

Do you dream of traveling on a journey to one of the charming islands, but you are afraid that these islands will be overcrowded with tourists, which will spoil the comfortable and quiet atmosphere you are looking for? We have brought you the most beautiful 10 “secret” islands in the world, almost tourist-free islands, but full of hospitality, delicious food and stunning landscapes in a quiet and secluded atmosphere.

The most beautiful secret islands

1. Gili Island, Indonesia Back to the 1970s
My visit is like traveling to Bali in the 1970s, before it “develops” tourism and urbanization. Here you will find a few hotels and lots of popular beachfront cafes. The only activities available are fishing, snorkeling and relaxing on the beach … Who needs more than this ?!

2. Mapul Island, Malaysia Dive into the beauty of nature
Welcome to the Garden of Eden on Earth. The nature of the island of Mabol has not yet been exposed to human intervention, bulldozers and buildings. Therefore, there are many exotic marine animals that no longer live in the “tourist” areas of Malaysia, making it a favorite for diving enthusiasts who live in the few beautiful resorts available.

3. La Maddalena Islands in Italy “Capri” coming
Pearl hidden from the eyes of tourism tycoons in the world. The islands of La Maddalena are located in the northern part of Sardinia, with beautiful sandy beaches, an authentic Italian village with restaurants and yachting. Tourist rumors are poised to become the main competition for the Italian island of Capri in the future, so you should visit it soon.

4. Lome Island in Washington
In the past it was home to a large tribe of American Indians, and some Americans live in its bliss today. On the island of Lome there are some simple guest houses, and fishing and walking can be practiced in the stunning nature of the forest and the sea.

5. Pico Island in Portugal Black Island for the White Day ..
It is part of the Azores archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean and is famous for its large Punta de Pico volcano, the highest mountain in Portugal. Pico Island is characterized by its black volcanic so-called Black Island. There are some simple and beautiful additives.

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