White water in the eye and when to resort to the process of implanting lenses

White water remains for long periods that are not dangerous and have no treatment except the process and there is nothing that can be removed only through operation and replacement of the lens of the eye

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White water in the eye and treatment and what are the symptoms

Dr. Darwish explains that white water in the eye is an opacity in the lens of the eye responsible for assembling the image to fall into the focus of the lens

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Certain women who are more likely to develop breast cancer

There are many diseases that affect the breast, but the most famous remains breast cancer, which has become very high incidence, so that 18% of women are vulnerable to infection

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The most beautiful “secret” islands in the world part 2

It is part of the Azores archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean and is famous for its large Punta de Pico volcano, the highest mountain in Portugal. Pico Island is characterized by its black volcanic

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The most beautiful “secret” islands in the world part 1

Do you dream of traveling on a journey to one of the charming islands, but you are afraid that these islands will be overcrowded with tourists

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4 Reasons to buy swimming pool filters

If you have a swimming pool in your own hotel or in your own villa, how do you spend the whole time adding and maintaining yourself and yourself around the water pollution

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The most common signs of breast cancer

These are the most common symptoms of breast cancer, which should be observed when you consult with your doctor to make sure that there are no cancerous tumors in the breast

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العلاج بالاشعاع للورم – علاجات لسرطان الثدي

العلاج بالاشعاع للورم للورم له دور هام في علاج جميع مراحل سرطان الثدي لأنه فعال جدا وموثوق بها بشكل آمن. وقد يكون من المناسب للأشخاص الذين يعانون من مرحلة

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Desalination plants and the followed desalination methods

Desalination plant works to purify saline and non-potable sea water for drinking water that is free of minerals and salts

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The benefits of travel

Travel brings many benefits that many people do not know, and these benefits: It gives the person a state of relaxation and enjoy the distance from the bushes and pressures and routine life

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