The most luxury vessels around the world

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Those of us who do not like the sea, and want to take a cruise for several days in the most important vessels, enjoy the exciting blue sea water, which helps to relax and calm the nerves.

The world’s first luxury vessel, the Ponant Icebreaker, has been announced to sail the Arctic, remove the dense snow easily and operate a hybrid engine to be the first of its kind to carry passengers to the Arctic in high-density areas of snow, It consists of 135 cabins and will be equipped with 16 rubber boats and two helicopters.

The ship will be equipped with exploratory equipment, powered by natural gas and electricity, and will result in minor emissions. The luxury ship is expected to sail for the first time in the Arctic by 2021.

Princess Hiberdine

She is known as the guardian ship of kings, a ship that travels between the Scottish islands. Among the most famous kings on board were Princess Heberden and Queen Elizabeth of England twice for the first time in 2006 to celebrate her 80th birthday and the other in 2010 for a family vacation. This is a 73-meter-long luxury cruise ship that runs at a speed of 12 knots and can accommodate up to 87 passengers and 50 vehicles.

Luxury Orion Luxury Orion

Founded by an Australian businesswoman in 2003, she travels on a trip from the South Pole of Australia’s island of Tasmania and the Pacific Ocean. The ship is a shortboat in the sea. It is furnished with carpets, rugs and carpets, cabins and marble bathrooms. Equipped with diving tools, and up to a length of 103 meters, and a speed of 14 knots.

Uniworld Group

A French-style boutique hotel offering gourmet food and beverage in a range of French halls, rooms and balconies, and first-class services and furnishings.

Windstar Windstar

It is a first-class cruise ship sailing between European ports and reaching Barcelona and Monte Carlo. It was built in 1986 and accommodates a load of 5.307 tons. It offers high-quality services with good furniture, large displays, and a variety of food and tastes.

Paul Gauguin

It is a good choice for honeymooning, as it captures the most beautiful locations in the South Pacific, a stylishly furnished ship, luxurious interiors, with canoeing, snorkelling, snorkeling, The vessel was built in 1997 and has a speed of 18 knots. It can accommodate 322 passengers and is 513 feet long.

Seabourn Cruises Seabourn cruises

The ship is owned by an American company, which includes many cruise ships and is sailing all over the world. It is named after the most famous ship in the fleet, which was awarded the best luxury vessel in 2009. It has rooms with sea views, gyms, water activities, The tourist is very comfortable and fun.

SeaDream Yacht Club

Sailing in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Northern Europe and the Pacific. The fleet comprises two ships, which are luxury cruise liners, with the latest modern methods in the manufacture of cruise ships, with all the necessities of such a journey of comfort, Dining in luxury restaurants, a spa, and gyms.

Crystal Cruises

American cruise ships, consisting of a fleet of luxury cruise ships with convenient services, several restaurants for a number of countries, a floating casino, a library, language learning centers and a computer. Two ships were built in 1995 and 2005.

The Silver Sea Silver Sea

French cruise ships, French and Italian beauty and excellent services. The fleet includes several luxury vessels and loads, with the choice of ports to visit and various restaurants. Recreation and recreation.

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