Desalination plants and the followed desalination methods

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The function of desalination plant

Desalination plant works to purify saline and non-potable sea water for drinking water that is free of minerals and salts. This is done using several methods of desalination.

Methods of Desalination of Sea Water

We find that there are two methods of desalination currently used are “distillation method, reverse osmosis method”

1- distillation method
This process works to raise the temperature of the boiling water, which leads to the emergence of water vapor, which is intensified by the drops of water, which is free of salt and glory that this water is without taste, which leads to the need to treat some ingredients and additives to become safe to drink and This method is often used when the need for water is almost free of salt.

Methods of  Normal Distillation

First: Normal distillation:
In this type of distillation, the boiling water is applied in a water tank without pressure. When the water evaporates, the top of the tank rises, and then moves in dedicated paths. The condensed water is used to intensify the water vapor and turn it into droplets. This method is used in desalination plant with small production capacity.

Second: Distillation Distillation Multi-stage:

This method is based on the scientific fact that the less pressure on liquids, the lower the boiling point. In this method, the salt water is heated and then passed to successive rooms with low pressure. The water vapor becomes water vapor, then it is condensed on cold surfaces and treated to become drinkable. This method is used in high-capacity water plants.

Third: distillation using solar energy:

In this method, salt water is heated to high temperatures using solar energy until the evaporation is then condensed on the cooled surfaces and then assembled into pipes.

Reverse osmosis method

Reverse osmosis means the transfer of water from the highest solution to the lowest concentration solution through semi-permeable membranes using pressure. This method can be used to purify salt water as well as treated wastewater either bilaterally or trially. On most types of bacteria and viruses

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