Certain women who are more likely to develop breast cancer

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Women who are more likely to develop breast cancer

There are many diseases that affect the breast, but the most famous remains breast cancer, which has become very high incidence, so that 18% of women are vulnerable to infection

There are women who are more likely to have breast tumors due to a number of factors. Dr. Abdel Moneim Hassouna, Consultant of Oncology Surgery at Global Care Hospital, said:

Who are most likely to be infected with breast cancer

If a breast tumor has been previously treated and treated, the injury will remain the same again and periodic follow up with the specialist doctor every 3 or 6 months

Family history of the mother and sisters means a high risk of breast cancerDelayed pregnancy and childbearing beyond the age of 30 makes the woman more likely to develop breast cancerDependence on breast feeding, women who relied on breastfeeding were less likely to breast cancer

The doctor’s notice

Dr. Abdul Moneim Hassouna explains that it depends on the genes. Women in Japan do not develop breast cancer. It is related to food and air, but experiments proved wrong. Japanese women who were born in America did not develop breast cancer either.

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