Causes of delayed puberty of girls and treatment

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Delayed puberty

Many questions were asked about the most important problems facing girls in adulthood

Dr. Ismail Mustafa believes that one of the problems is delayed puberty itself, and divided into a psychological problem or a physical problem

In most cases of delayed puberty between the ages of 14 and 16 years of the girl begins to concern the family and go to doctors, but at that age can treat delayed puberty only through hormones, which should not be used before the age of 19 years.

What about after the age of 19

After the age of 19, the doctor can determine whether the delay was normal or that there is a disease in need of treatment by analyzing the proportion of hormones in the body and know whether there is laziness in the glands do not work to be surgical intervention or give hormones industrial.

Mothers must spread awareness

Psychological problems need awareness from the mother, and the need to explain to her daughter what puberty and the new stage that will follow.

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